30 Weeks…It’s crazy!


I’m NOT a fan of pregnancy!Don’t get me wrong, I feel so blessed that after 5 years of trying, I am finally getting what I have prayed for but let me just say that being pregnant in the summer with twins is freaking hard! I’m big and I’m hot!!! Thank God the weather hasn’t been AS hot the past few days because I was really about to die!

Here is a list of things that are driving me crazy!
1. Cankles! My ankles look like cinder blocks and they hurt like hell. I fell two weeks ago and sprained one of my ankles. Now that ankle seems to never go down in terms of swelling. That ankle made the doc give me a cane and a handicap tag for my car! Aren’t I special? It’s funny to get dirty looks from people when i park in the handicap spot until they see me trying desperately to pull myself out of the car. Check out a shot of one of the cankles!
2. People’s comments! Boy did I think I got enough dumb as comments when I was trying to get pregnant. The one I get every day now that I’m 30 weeks is “Whoa! Looks like you are ready to have those babies tomorrow!” My reply is to give them the “kiss my ass” face and say “no I’ve still got about 6 weeks or so. “Twins! That’s why I’m so gargantuan!” I get that multiple times daily. It’s such a self esteem booster to hear how big and uncomfortable you look all day everyday!

3. No sleep! Insomnia has been a life long issue of mine but at least I could pop a sleeping pill every now and then. Even with insomnia, I would still get a few hours of sleep every night. For the past few weeks, there has been absolutely no sleep to be had except for the desperate 1 or 2 nights that I had to make Tylenol PM my friend. Sorry babies!
4. We are not ready! We have a lot of stuff for these babies but nothing is set up. My wife is working 2 jobs to save up some money so we can take as much time off as we can with our babies. Leave it up to the good old US of A for us both not to have any paid maternity leave! Our nursery is not set up yet and nothing is out together. I love my wife but anyone that knows her knows she is a bit of a hoarder so we constantly battle because I need her to get rid of stuff to make room for baby stuff! I’m in a total panic and I feel like time is running out.
On a brighter note, we had our baby shower this past weekend and except for a little bit of rain, it was a huge success! I’m so blessed to have the best friends and family. We had about 75 people which was CRAZY but pretty much everyone wanted to come and wow…everyone was SO generous! When I found out we were having twins, one major concern of mine was the cost. We already spent SO much on fertility treatments and now this is going to be another major financial commitment with 2 babies. I’m so thankful that everyone we know has given us such a great head start with all of the gifts and hand me downs! My shower was so much more than I could have ever dreamed of! Check out a pic of myself, my wonderful wife and the most beautiful cake!
 I don’t know what the next 7 weeks is going to bring but I hope and pray I feel good enough to finish everything we need to and to enjoy this last bit of my pregnancy. Even though I’ve been not feeling so hot, I’m so excited to see my daughters faces soon! My wife and I are FINALLY going to be moms!!! I really can’t believe it. Ava Ray and Madison Jean are going to be loved beyond belief! Here is me at 30 weeks!

For all of you that are TTC and going through struggles I hope you see through me that this can happen for you! Keep your head up, try everything and trust in God that you can get pregnant! I KNOW how hard it is and I never thought I would get what I’ve hoped and dreamed of during this 5 year fight but it worked. Sounds so corny but you have to keep the faith! It truly works. 

I hope to keep blog writing! Sorry I have been MIA but there has been so much to do! Thanks for reading!!!