Complaints & Maternity Pics! Oh my!!!


Hello All:

I’m so sorry that I have been a horrible blogger! I really thought I would be blogging every week until the babies arrive. Yeah right!!! I’ve been working like a dog finalizing things at work before my maternity leave, getting the nursery and my house ready and just laying down because I just feel like crap honestly.

I’m currently 36 weeks and I have a scheduled c-section on November 9th at 38 weeks! I’m praying I go into labor sooner or they will move up the csection date but that is not looking likely. The only reason why I would like the 11/9 date is that it was my grandfathers birthday and coincidentally, 3 years ago on November 9th, we lost our son at 25 weeks so that would totally turn that day around in my mind. It’s so strange that my OB schedules the csection for that date!!! 

I would like to go early because I feel like crap. If one more person says “wow…you look like you are ready to go” I may just commit murder. My belly is huge, I’m up about 50 pounds, both ankles are swollen, my right knee is swollen, I’m barely walking with a cane, my hands are swollen, I can’t feel my fingers or toes and I have carpal tunnel in both wrists! Oh…and I forgot to mention that breathing is difficult and I don’t sleep AT ALL! Whoever said pregnancy was such a wonderful time in a woman’s life LIED!!! I’m really done with this!

The one thing that lifted my spirits is that I received a bulk of my maternity photos the other day. A friend of ours did them for us and they came out 1000 times better than I could have ever expected! My wife is anti-Facebook but I did go behind her back and post a few because they are AWESOME!!! Shhh…that is our little secret! Here are a few pics that I absolutely love!!!

Thanks for reading and I will keep you posted on when these girls finally want to make an appearance!